Do you offer ATS Resume template?

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Yes, we do offer ATS resume template and it works for most of our clients. Please click here to Optimize your resume with Brian Golod’s ATS Template.

It’s simple to comprehend the reasons why you’re trying to land that incredible career.

1. You aren’t getting interviews or 2. you aren’t getting offers — if struggle with 1 . you will never reach 2.

Today we will be discussing the best way to create your resume one time that is suitable for each job description and then submits it with a single click, without having to redo it for each job description.

I would like to inform you that this isn’t difficult It’s three steps and one platform.

As I looked around and found a job, I was delighted to find lots of jobs available… At the beginning of my professional career in Canada over 15 years ago. were many options to choose from across a variety of platforms.



I followed the advice I was taught by other people and then adapted my resume to the job of one.


I was hoping that I would be contacted… I’m referring to the fact that I spent the effort and time to tailor my resume for the exact job description. They would surely contact me I suppose?



But it didn’t happen… I felt awful and wasted my energy and time, so lots of frustration. I knew I had the skills and my resume was a perfect match to the requirements they had in mind.


Do you think tailoring your resume for each job description really worth it? Let me know if you’ve been contacted or received an interview invitation each time you’ve customized your resume to an employment description.

It’s yes. I won’t get into the details on the reasons why, as there is a myriad of reasons that this happens What I will concentrate on is showing you how to write your resume one time.


The first step is to define your dream job. Find a job that gives you joy, fulfillment, and lets you lead a life that is comfortable in order to not feel down.

There are job descriptions you are competent to do, but you don’t have to be perfect but make sure you are able to enjoy the job you’ll have to take on.



The second is to stop focusing your resume on your job description and start considering the entire market in a holistic way… look for patterns, what is each company seeking?

Keep in mind that you’ve got only one role that you’re interested in. Make sure you look for job openings in that field and create a resume that is specific to it, not for all the businesses.

A job as a [insert position within the company A, B A, B or C is an identical thing 99 times out of 100 So, be prepared and know what they are seeking to create one resume.

You should search for at minimum ten job descriptions before you start preparing your resume.


If you’ve got only one resume for the job or title you’re looking for, you need to make it more effective so that you can improve the rate of ATS matching and rank ahead of other applicants.

Many job seekers believe that you are filtered out or in after you submit your application however this isn’t the case and you are ranked either high or low, based on your resume and the job description. The rate of the match.

This is particularly true in the event that there are dozens, if not hundreds of candidates for the same position… I can assure you that HR and recruiters will not look through thousands of applications.

What is the ATS ranking system function? It is based on keywords, among other elements, therefore it is important to make sure that the keywords that your job description includes are presently included in your resume.

There’s a secret that no one will ever tell you… that the greater number of times you use a keyword you expect to see, to be used, the better your profile will appear in the rankings and search results.

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