Do you have to use CV Cartoon or CV Picture?

“Should I put my picture or cartoon on my resume? “

Alongside details like your marital status, nationality, as well as your religious or political views Photos of yourself or cartoons, are not required to be included on your resume.

When you’re preparing your resume, be sure to think about whether the information that you’re putting on it is relevant or useful for your job application.

Your resume should highlight your expertise and experiences in a concise, clear, and professional manner. So, it’s all about being aware of what should be included on your resume which adds value. This is why it’s advised not to include an image in your resume.

“Should I put my picture or cartoon on my resume?” Here’s why you shouldn’t.

If you are a candidate who is asking yourself, “Should I put my photo or cartoon on my resume? ” There are two crucial aspects to take into consideration:

It’s unneeded

One of the biggest challenges to write your CV is making sure you include all of your relevant abilities or qualifications, as well as your experience in two to four pages (maximum).

Why would you want to fill up space with a picture that’s not relevant to your application for employment (unless you’re obviously acting or modeling)? Being aware of your appearance is not a significant factor in an employer’s assessment of your capacity to perform everyday assignments, manage projects or face issues at work.

Make sure you use your resume to highlight your skills and your capabilities and not just your appearance. Employers will never remove headshots that are included on a resume before putting it forward for any job with clients.

It is a method to differentiate

If it’s intentional or not, a photo on your resume can cause discrimination on basis of race or gender, age, or other aspects.

Your resume can be a tool to get you an meeting with a prospective employer. Don’t provide a prospective employer with a reason to disregard your qualifications and experiences by focusing on your appearance.

Professional photos are suitable

In the case of adding photos, it’s best to add a professional photo for the LinkedIn profile. When you’re on social media pictures could aid in painting a larger view of you as a person, and also being used in conjunction with other social media functions.

When selecting a professional photograph to share on social media, think about these tips and tricks when deciding on the best photos.

    • What to do: Choose a professional-looking photograph. Choose a headshot with a front view against a dark, solid background.
    • Use: Ensure that the image is properly shot using the highest resolution, and that it isn’t unclear or blurry.
    • Make sure: Make sure the image is in line with, and is in line with your overall impression of your work background.


  • Do not: Take a selfie, or a posed photo of a group or party that you took at the bar, club or at the beach.
  • Do not: Make use of the avatar of your child, cartoon or humorous picture. It’s better not to use.
  • Do not: Choose a old or altered picture. Pick a picture that’s authentic to you present.
  • Do not: Use a random cartoon on your resume

Resumes should provide an accurate representation of what your abilities and skills are in executing and delivering when you are working.

Visual representations of how you’re like (whether it’s online or not) is not just a small amount of value to an application and can lead to prejudice that’s not in line with the qualities you’re capable of doing in a work setting.

Make a point of crafting a strong cover letter and resume (and cover letter) which speaks volumes about your goals for your career and how you’re best qualified to the position you’re offered.


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