Our Innovative Resume Technology Unlocks the Door for You

After applicant tracking system friendly version is complete, we layer it behind a version with the same content that is attractive to hiring managers. The computer can’t see the design elements and the humans can’t see the stripped-down version that gets you through the filters. We’ve created two versions in one.

Our Applicant Tracking System Friendly resume technology has been thoroughly tested. When we sent resumes that have gone through our process through the over 50 Applicant Tracking System that are used by 95% of companies, all of them made it through and got into the hands of the hiring managers.

One chance to make a first impression

We help you do that by adding design elements with personality and professionalism. We include photos, color, carefully-crafted formatting and more.

The end result is a resume that is remarkable, especially when compared to the bland versions that today’s job seekers have to settle for to get past the computer filtering systems. Imagine how memorable and eye-catching your visually beautiful resume will be when compared to the others that have been stripped down to get past the applicant tracking system. We make that happen.

Stop Sketching. Start Building.

  1. When you have placed your order you’ll be directed to complete the online form requesting details about your work or career goals, availability, and resume. This allows us to learn more about your accomplishments to help us identify the right job writer for you.
  2. You’ll be assigned an author within 24 hours of submitting your application. You’ll then be able to schedule an in-person consultation with your writer. You will be able to discuss your career goals as well as your working experience.
  3. After your resume author has had the chance to know the specifics of your experience at work and your career goals, your resume writer will then make your first version of the resume.Continue to work with your writer afterward until you’ve created an ideal resume that emphasizes your best achievements.
  4. After you’ve received your updated resume Feel free to work with your resume writer until it’s how you’d like it. With a fresh resume, you’ll be in a better position to receive more job offers and be hired faster.
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