Getting a great job starts
with a great resume.

Upload your resume for a detailed expert review from your industry’s resume expert.

How it Works

Our Optimized Resume Technology Unlocks the Door for You

We will assign your resume to your industry-specific resume expert. Your resume expert will optimize your resume against a variety of factors that hiring managers and recruiters find crucial. Our resume optimization test goes deeper than an ATS search. It gives you feedback on various other areas of your resume, including the impact, HR comments, soft skills, and conciseness. This helps you identify areas of your resume that are not optimized so you can make them better.

You’ll be paired with a professional writer

Work one-on-one with a career coach to optimize your professional resume

Get a resume that’s tailored to your goals

The world’s leading ATS Resume Optimization team

Our team consists of professional writers from all across the world who have worked in Human Resources, Recruiting, Career Coaching, and job search strategy. We optimize resumes that will get past the automated recruiting software used to screen out candidates and stand out to recruiters for all the right reasons.

You only get one shot to make a good first impression.

With thousands of resumes a study conducted by TheLadders showed that even with the Applicant Tracking System, the average time a recruiter spends looking at a resume is just 6 seconds. That means that six seconds is all the time you have to grab their attention and make an impact. That’s why it’s so important that you optimize your resume to stand out, and show why you’re an applicant worth interviewing

We Don’t Just Format Your Resume

We Optimize It

The Applicant Tracking Systems don’t just screen out for design elements and fonts – they help hiring managers by searching for the resumes that use certain terms and keywords that match a job’s requirements. We make sure that those keywords are front and center, embedded into your Applicant Tracking System Friendly resume so that it is optimized for the resume search and delivered directly into the hands of the recruiters.



Entering the job market for the first time in almost a decade, my biggest point of insecurity was a CV that was out of date and sort of thrown together. For a very reasonable fee, I now have a document I’m pleased to forward on to potential employers. Highly recommended.

Eric P.

I was extremely happy with my couch. She helped me gain confidence and present my experience and expertise in a very well thought manner. I would recommend her any day

Claire O.

I haven’t heard back from applications yet, but the cover letter and resume looked very professional and nice to me. Here’s hoping it helps me get interviews!

Steven F.

Excellent work! Jay Communicated throughout the entire process. I am very pleased with his work on my resume, CL, and LI profile. I recommend their services.

Virginia S


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