ATS Resume Writing Services

ATS Resume Writing Services

Almost every organization uses some form of recruitment software to expedite the hiring process. In fact, over 90% of resumes are tossed before they even reach a hiring manager or recruiter!

You’re probably thinking that this is completely unjust. Yes, it is. After all, you’ve spent days and hours crafting the perfect résumé that meticulously documents your achievements, and the firm to which you’re applying doesn’t even bother to read it!

But, before we get our pitchforks out, let’s take a look at why you should use ATS resume writing services.

According to recent Glassdoor research, for every job posting a company posts, it receives over 250 resumes. Additionally, organizations frequently hire for multiple positions at the same time. Hundreds of resumes must be sorted through.

Many of those resumes are, more often than not, underqualified. This would imply that they have no relevant experience. Let’s say I’m looking for a Java Software Developer. If I want someone to be able to jump right in, I’ll probably want to make sure they’ve worked with Java before hiring them.

Applicant tracking systems, or ATS, assist employers in weeding out resumes that don’t appear to have relevant experience. They accomplish this by scanning your resume for specific keywords; in the final example, if a resume does not contain the phrase “Java,” it is immediately eliminated.

It goes without saying that utilizing ATS scanners causes organizations to lose out on some excellent recruits.

Let’s imagine we have a fantastic candidate who knows Java but failed to add it to his résumé, similar to the previous scenario. He’d be filtered out by the ATS, and the corporation would miss out on him!

Why you should Choose ATS Resume Writing Services

The value of speeding up their hiring processes outweighs the cost of losing a potentially fantastic candidate, which is why organizations employ ATS in the first place. After all, it’s unusual for a candidate to leave out a crucial term like Java (but it does happen).

Fortunately for you, I’d hate for a computer to reject your CV! That’s why we built AI-powered tools that function similarly to an ATS resume scanner. There are two tools that will come in handy:

1. Is my resume properly read?


If your resume isn’t read correctly or you’re utilizing a template that isn’t processed properly by ATS, it will most likely be rejected. This is why we advise against using photos, tables, or graphs and instead stick to conventional designs, typefaces, and styles.

Our free resume scanner checks your resume for a variety of crucial characteristics that recruiters and hiring managers look for. It’s a sophisticated ATS resume exam that was created with ATS in mind. You may be confident that it will be handled accurately by applicant tracking systems if it is scanned correctly by our platform.

2. Do I have the proper keywords in my resume?


After you’ve double-checked that your resume is legible, double-check that it contains the keywords that hiring managers will be looking for.


Optimized Resume examines the job description you’re applying for and identifies the most important keywords you’re missing from your resume. Applicants monitoring systems and resume scanners are likely to look for these keywords.

You’ll be able to incorporate these keywords into your resume and increase its relevancy. This improves your resume’s chances of passing the ATS resume test!

I hope you find these resources useful in your career quest. We provide free versions of both programs to ensure that everyone can benefit from them.


Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional assistance.



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