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You might be eager to know who’s viewed your profile, and what “Found You via LinkedIn Profile” or similar terms are? This article has been written to give you a range of methods that allow people to find or discover themselves on LinkedIn.

It was introduced in 2003. LinkedIn is mostly used as a professional network that allows employers to find potential employees by posting job openings as well as those seeking employment, can gain job opportunities by posting resumes. LinkedIn allows users to build profiles, and “connect” with others to satisfy their actual business needs. They can also establish professional connections and expand their networks by inviting anyone they want to be”a “connection”.

The ability to identify who has visited the profile of your Linkedin Profile:

LinkedIn will notify its users whenever they view their profile. If you’re interested in knowing who has visited your profile you can check by going to the ” Who’s Viewed My Profile” section on LinkedIn. The page will show the details of every visitor, such as their name, photo of profile and title, how connected to you, what time they have visited your profile, as well as the URL from which they arrived at the LinkedIn profile.

Where Do People See Your Profile On Homepage?

Your profile might be featured on various hooks and corners on the profile page of someone else. The majority of them are listed below:

  • People Also Viewed
  • Articles & Activity
  • Skills & Endorsements

How People Can Find You On LinkedIn?

Let’s look at the methods by which people will discover your profile on LinkedIn. There are four possibilities that are listed below.

  • Via Homepage.
  • Via Linkedin Profile.
  • Via LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • Via LinkedIn Search.
  • via Google search

What does the term “found you” through Homepage mean?

The homepage will appear on your screen once you log in with the LinkedIn account. Like the title suggests “Found you via homepage” indicates that someone is viewing your profile following a reference to you on their homepage.

This signifies that your profile was featured in the newsfeed of a user and that person has clicked to go onto your profile. Maybe you were a fan of the content of an article or comment on a post that was shared by your connection and your profile was featured as a LinkedIn offers to specific users’ feeds on their homepage.

What does the term “found you” through your LinkedIn Profile mean?

The most likely method by how someone can access your profile is to find it through your LinkedIn profile. “Found you via your LinkedIn profile” signifies that someone has stumbled upon your LinkedIn profile after an invitation from another LinkedIn user’s profile. Alternatively, it’s more likely the person who is now one of your connections, however, they have visited your profile through a link provided by a friend of yours.

The majority of these views typically come from the ” People also viewed section“. There is also a possibility that you will get these opinions via the ” Viewers of this profile also have“option.

What is the meaning of LinkedIn Company Pages mean?

Another way that people will find your profile On LinkedIn is through pages that you have followed. “Found via LinkedIn company pages” is a sign that someone has come across the LinkedIn account on the website of an organization/company that you’ve liked, followed, followed, and posted comments on, or even listed as your work.

Therefore, you should include your workplace information in the “Experience” or “Experience” section of your LinkedIn profile. Additionally, you shouldn’t follow (” Add interests on LinkedIn“) other pages that are not related to yours, instead, the pages you follow should be specific and reflective of your professional background and match. This will definitely draw the correct group of people to your profile.


What makes your profile easy to find on LinkedIn? :

If you have a large number of users visiting your website through “Found you via homepage” This is a good indicator of an active connection and a good reach to your intended users.

However, the fact that the visits to your profile occur in different ways is a sign of a lack of presence in your LinkedIn users. Because of this, you must improve the amount of engagement you have on LinkedIn. It is possible to do this by being more active in regard to commenting and liking posts and being active with your connections.

Another aspect to take into consideration is changing the settings for your profile, switching to change from “private mode” to “public mode”

We’ve got you covered. We’ve covered the various ways people attempt to reach you through LinkedIn and the ways you can increase the chance of receiving more visits to your profile. This article should aid you in increasing your profile’s visibility and the reach of LinkedIn.


How to get your LinkedIn profile reviewed by Optimized Resume experts?

In order to use LinkedIn Review, you must use the LinkedIn Review feature you must submit your LinkedIn profile in an Adobe PDF file.

It’s just 10 seconds. Here’s how to accomplish it:

  1. Log on to LinkedIn and visit your profile. You can do this by clicking “Me” on the right side and then clicking ‘View Profile’.
  2. Click the ‘More’ …’ option (like shown in this image)
  3. Click the Save to PDF button.

Here’s how!

Then, upload the file you downloaded into LinkedIn Review and get actionable actions to improve the performance of your profile. Pro Tip: You could also download any profile that is public in PDF format this way.
P.S. Be aware that LinkedIn allows you to use a desktop computer or laptop. You can’t export your profile’s PDF using the LinkedIn mobile application and mobile-friendly browsers.

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