What is HVAC Certification, How to apply for jobs after EPA 608 Certification?

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It is the Federal Government of the United States demands that anyone who enters a system, or container containing the controlled refrigerant be certified under Section 608 in the Federal Clean Air Act. It stipulates that all individuals who manage, maintain or repair, or dispose of devices that contain refrigerants that are regulated must be certified in the correct handling of refrigerants by taking an examination administered by a professional EPA 608 exam.

EPA 608 Certification Types

The EPA 608 comprises four parts: Core, Type I, Type II and Type III.

  • Core covers general refrigerant/regulation knowledge. The majority of the Sections of Type I, II, & III section content build on or are related to the Core section’s material. Students must pass Core and at least one additional section in order to earn a certification card. The Core exam isn’t a qualification by itself.
  • Type I is for small appliances that have 5lbs or less of refrigerant and that are sealed in the factory, like domestic refrigerators and window air conditioners. vending machines and PTAC’s. A Type I certified technician has completed both the Core section and the Typ I portion.
  • Type II is a category that covers the use of High-Pressure refrigerant (HCFC-22) which includes heating and cooling systems for homes, as well as chillers, heat pumps for supermarkets as well as process refrigeration. The certified Type II technician has passed both the Core as well as the Type II section.
  • Type III refers to equipment that uses refrigerants with low pressure (HCFC-123 or CFC-11) mostly chillers. A type III technician has successfully completed both the Core and Typ III section.

A Universal certification indicates that you’ve completed all four sections of the test It’s another way of saying you’re certified as a type I, II, and III technicians. There is no Universal part of the test.

Each test section contains 25 multiple choice questions that are drawn from test bank questions formulated by the Federal Government. Questions on safety regulations for equipment transportation and identifying refrigerants in each section of the test.

To be eligible for an EPA 608 certificate candidates must be able to pass the Core section and one of the technical types mentioned above. The minimum score required in a controlled setting is 70 percent. Core and Type I may be used in a non-proctored situation in which the passing score is 84 percent.

Since each portion of the test is graded separately it is possible to be able to pass one section but fail the other. It is not necessary to pass all four sections or obtain a Universal certification. Each test-taker has the option to only take those sections they require for their work. If a student is able to pass the section, they will not need to take the section again to obtain certification so long as they maintain evidence of passing sections. The certificates are never lost.

Technicians must read the complete EPA guidelines prior to handling refrigerants. It is the duty of the technician to ensure compliance with any new regulations that are made by the EPA regardless of whether they differ from the content in our guide to study.


If you are not EPA 608 Certified, you can visit Trade Masters Online and get certified today.

  • Purchase and Schedule your testing time together using the calendar above. A live, the human proctor will help you when your test begins. This is a heavily regulated test and requires monitoring by a licensed test administrator on your computer, similar to a specialized Skype or FaceTime video call.
  • Take your test. You will be sent your certification card in the mail for passing scores. If you don’t pass the first time you can purchase and schedule retests.

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