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40% Discounted - Includes:
Full ATS Optimized Resume $130
Tailored Cover Letter $30

Full ATS Optimized Resume $130

Job-specific and general Resume / CV with professional design

Job- and industry-specific keywords

Keyword optimization to ensure your resume / CV is compliant with an ATS

Accomplishment-driven descriptions

ATS compliance

Complementary reference list

Unlimited edits

You will get two copies of your resume, both a Word document and a PDF file to ensure ATS compatibility and avoid common formatting issues across various software

Tailored Cover Letter $30

Fewer words to say more.
Tailored for a specific job.
Proud of your past accomplishments.
Addresses the hiring manager personally.
Keywords from the job description.
Throw in numbers and examples.

41 reviews for Get Hired

  1. Claudia G

    I was very satisfied with the outcome. Karen was very helpful, she listened to what I wanted to accomplish and delivered in a timely manner. We only had one round of revisions. She created a brand new persona for me and made me relevant in today’s market place. I already got 2 calls because of my new resume!

  2. Whitney V

    Great customer service and extremely responsive! I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend utilizing Optimized Resume to anyone who is on the hunt for a new career!

  3. David C

    The resume worked out great. Its very professional looking and I have just returned from an interview with the first company it sent it too. Thank you

  4. Maxine C.

    The process of working with this service to revamp my resume was very pleasant. I found all interactions to be professional with prompt responses. I’m very pleased with the end result as I now have a resume that speaks to my skills and experience making me more marketable to employers. I would recommend this service; it was worth every penny.

  5. Kyle M

    I had not “tuned up” my resume in a long time so it was very helpful to get feedback and suggestions. Working with Optimized Resume led me to do a full overhaul of the layout and content. The feedback is somewhat generic so if you are looking for very specific feedback related to the job you are pursuing, you may want to work 1×1 with someone. If you’re just looking for a general upgrade, it’s a great service.

  6. Martha A

    Jay Did a fantastic job on all my documents (resume, cover letter). It was absolutely worth the risk, considering I had never heard of Optimized Resume before, and definitely worth every single penny!

  7. Claire O

    I was extremely happy with my couch. She helped me gain confidence and present my experience and expertise in a very well thought manner. I would recommend her any day

  8. Jason Z

    My resume is being taken seriously now. Jay really goes into detail with researching the companies and specified position roles for every employment listed. There were aspects of the jobs that I never even discussed about that went into the resume. A wonderfully, beautiful job at presenting the final product! Perfection!

  9. Eric P

    Entering the job market for the first time in almost a decade, my biggest point of insecurity was a CV that was out of date and sort of thrown together. For a very reasonable fee, I now have a document I’m pleased to forward on to potential employers. Highly recommended.

  10. David G

    Agent Carl was excellent in all areas creating my resume, cover letter. I was also very impressed at the fast reply to my email with corrections which were very few.
    Because of the excellent job i will most certainly share all the info regarding your company.

  11. Travis F

    Wonderful service provided with exceptional insight and writing. Great experience that I will 100% recommend to friends and colleagues.

  12. Clifton L

    From the start, I felt at ease and satisfied with the work. There were few to no changes that I could find. I’m glad I put my faith in optimized Resume.

  13. Sarah A

    Excellent support from jay, super professional, very responsive and extremely experienced. Changed my resume and made it much better

  14. Adriana S

    I was very pleased with Optimized Resume’s results. Working at my current employer for over 22 years, my resume needed a lot of work. Optimized Resume’s writer was able to capture the essence of my long experience with the company and very eloquently expressed my accomplishments. Now, I have a top notch resume which gives me more confidence as I pursue the next stage of my career. Thank you Optimized Resume

  15. Allison B

    I knew that going through a resume writer would be a good idea, but I had no idea the level of confidence that it would give me when applying to positions! I know that I am a qualified and strong candidate, but using Optimized Resume really made me feel like I could prove it before getting in front of an interviewer. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new position.

  16. Renea H

    They did an excellent job on rewriting my resume! It was a quick and easy process. I highly recommend!

  17. James B

    I am a believer. My professionally crafted resume landed me not one job, not two jobs, but three jobs. They are all part-time, which I wanted so I now have the flexibility and the security of diversity. I am even receiving invitations to apply for jobs at additional companies.

  18. Denise F

    Warren transformed a stale document to better show off the skills and accomplishments achieved. He provided excellent advice on techniques and content to avoid to limit potential filtering for age. Due to the highly specialized nature of my experience, I don’t expect my search to be an overnight success. I am, however, confident that I now have a resume that will support finding the right fit.

  19. Leslie D

    My resume is perfect and they did a great job. I am now Considering the LinkedIn help as well

  20. Agnes J

    I’m very happy with my new updated resume. Raymond was a big help, very professional and knowledgeable.
    Thank you

  21. Phan G

    My resume writer delivered professional and satisfying products and I am very grateful for all her help. Thank you!

  22. Claudia E

    Anna was so helpful… and patient… in crafting my best resume yet! She gently steered me from including irrelevant information. I’m very pleased with the final version. Money very well spent! Thank you!

  23. Madison G

    I had a very positive experience with Optimized Resume! The writer working on my document was prompt, professional, and happy to address any concerns, questions, or changes I had. I would recommend them to others.

  24. Jennifer C

    My resume was out of date, and I felt like I should update it. I have a good job already, however, and therefore wasn’t terribly motivated to update it on my own.

    Anna was very quick to reformat my resume. She came up with great action verbs and was able to quickly summarize my experience in a way that made me sound much more impressive than I could make myself. (I’m too modest.) She was also very responsive to edits. This was a great experience. I’ll probably enlist Optimized Resume’s help again when I actually start job searching.

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  25. Statsgeek H

    I think the rewritten resume was well done. I also opted in for a cover letter template, both of which can be customized (and I recommend highly you do this)

    Communication and responsiveness get an A+ from the customer service folks to the emails from the writer.

    I mentioned this in my other feedback, my only suggestion is they should have a graphic designer look at their templates.

  26. James C

    I enjoyed working with Optimized Resume, they are quick and very customer friendly. They kept me informed of work progress and my resume looks outstanding, I could not have done this myself. For the cost they can’t be beat, I would recommend them highly.

  27. Garry F

    My resume was etic and I could not find a company that would accept me. I was disapproved and rejected by fewer Companies because of the way my resume was written. Now, I perceive some significant changes. The companies that disapproved of me began to write to me and invited me for an interview. Thanks to my underwriter Sarah who has helped me to resume my resume in my way and uses his skills to make it look perfect. Optimized Resume is a very good company to put your trust in.

  28. David S

    They did this discount in June last time and they told me is weekly discount and i can get discount till the end of week! But on Saturday they remove the discounted packages from website and told me they are limited, asked me to buy other packages.

  29. Douglas F

    Derek L. Was a delight to talk to and work with on the phone. He did a wonderful job on my “new resume”. He was very informative, helpful, and professional. He took his time explaining and seemed genuinely interested. Thank you. I have already recommended Optimized Resume to a friend who will be taking advantage of your services.

  30. Jane A

    I would like to congratulate Optimized Resume for such superior service. All documentation was delivered in a timely professional way, and offers were suggested at an appropriate stage of the process.

  31. Lisa Z

    I have been used to doing my own resume until I realized that I wasn’t getting the feedback/response I was looking for. I was recommended these services after seeing professional results on someone else’s resume and cv. When I received my newly comprised resume and cover letter, I was highly impressed. I could not have composed a resume the way Toni (my resume writer) wrote it. I’m looking forward to explore other services in the near future. I’m very grateful!

  32. Juan S

    The process was seamless from start to finish. I’m truly pleased and impressed with the end results. Thank you!

  33. Kresnick T

    Creating a resume has been a challenge for me ever since. After finally deciding to get help creating my resume, Optimized Resume did not disappoint. I was skeptical at first that they’ll create an impressive resume out of the draft that I sent. Thank you so much for your help. I now have a resume that will potentially land me a great job in my career. Special thanks to the executive writer that worked with me. Also, communicating with my writer was easy and the response time was prompt that’s why we finished the work right before the deadline.

  34. Alex H

    This was my first experience with a resume writing company and Optimized Resume did not disappoint! I was almost instantly paired with a resume writing expert, Walt A., who was chosen based on my submission criteria and they were the perfect choice. Walt was extremely helpful, expeditious, and his work was truly great and appreciated!
    I can only speak to the professional resume writing service however, I plan to use Optimized Resume for any cover letter or other services in the future as well!

  35. Claudia K

    Writer was good, but did find some glaring issues on the first run. Verbiage was off and template characters were in the draft so it’s clearly a template being used. Once corrected, it looked good. Will see how it goes in the application world of ATS’s next.

  36. John G

    Applied for 5 job openings I liked and got 3 call backs ending with offers within a week. Turn around time was far faster than estimated by Optimized Resume also. I have been very pleased money well spent.

  37. Rebecca S

    As someone whose been out of the job hunting scene for over 10 years, they made it easier to do my resume up to today’s standards.
    One thing I wish for though with cover letters today is that for when you’re looking into a complete new field with no experience prior that they came included. Or a suggestion on how to word it when it comes to applying. Apart from that it was better than I expected.

  38. Feifei C

    The CV writer Carl has done his job very efficiently. I have received the first draft of my CV in a few hours after the job was assigned to him. His work is absolute professional. Since I am considering of switching the branch and job location, it made the editing of CV and cover letter difficult. However, after I post my re-writed CV on the job portal, I became the message of the target branch. Many thanks on Carl.

  39. Dennis M

    Hallo, I’m very happy with optimized resume for atleast showing me the way forward. For now I’m not financially stable but I promise in between I will pay for a resume + cover letter. Canada is my dream land. Thank you for your email.

  40. Ian K

    Awesome service. My writer was amazing. Very technical and detail oriented. I ended up having them do my cover letter as well. Absolutely worth the money. My improved resume now helps with recruiters with buzzwords etc.

  41. Mark L

    I had no idea how bad my resume and cover letter were until I got the final product from them. They are very very helpful and easy to work with. They ask a lot of questions to tailor your results and it has paid off. My interview requests have increased. They have many options to help you increase your chances of landing the job you want.

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