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First of all, huge congrats on securing a new job! We’re truly thrilled for you.

We’re delighted that Optimized Resume assisted you. If you’d like to leave us a comment or testimonial, you can do that by either emailing us directly at info@optimizedresume.com or clicking the Contact Here. Just a few sentences will mean a lot to us!


Helping individuals achieve their goals in their careers is what keeps our team excited early in the morning. Your resume is the story you tell We are awestruck by an ending that is satisfying.


Please allow us to share Jane’s story with you!

Jane was looking to move from one profession to another. Jane needed assistance to highlight the work capabilities she had which could be useful to switch careers.

Jane worked in the non-profit world for a few years and was considering an impact in the world of financial services. Jane was keen to apply the experience she gained in budget management, however, she was not sure what she could do to showcase her skills in a manner that would draw employers. Her resume did not give prospective employers an accurate picture of her future goals.

Jane purchased the ATS Optimized Resume + Tailored Cover Letter plan that includes an application form, a cover letter as well as unlimited revisions to your resume. She was paired up with an experienced resume writer, Sara and she worked with her on:

  • Determine which abilities are the most valuable in the field she wants to pursue.
  • Use these abilities in her professional profile and her work experience.
  • Add the appropriate keywords to ensure that her resume would be able to pass the recruitment software.

Jane was able to land her dream job within the next few months and we received below feedback from her:


“Now I’ve got a great company that I can stand behind and be proud of — one that I feel values me as an employee”

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  • I have been using your resume from 2 years and it’s super helpful.

    I just landed my second job with your resume and HR appreciated your resume.

    I just wanted to say, Thank you 😊

  • Optimized Resume is the best website I have ever seen in the CV optimization service.

    Thank you for building my CV,

  • Thank you optimized resume, do you have a place where I can leave feedback?

  • I am a regular customer of optimized resume and I love your blogs and insights about resumes.

  • Thank you for helping me with my resume.

    I am doing my dream job after resume optimization from Optimized Resume.

  • Hi

    Do you provide corporate support to companies for resumes? Please share your corporate plan with info@topremotely.com

    We have 50 resumes to start with

  • Can you help our academy with Resume optimization?

  • Can you please optimize my friend’s resume? He will upload his resume this weekend

  • You’ve researched the companies you want to work at and found the right people to send your resume and right when you decide to hit send you realize how generic it really looks. In today’s competitive job market, you can’t afford to miss out on opportunities because your resume isn’t eye-catching. This is where Optimized Resume comes in by providing the much-needed change to the dull resume you have been using for years. It can all be done online with a sleek and easy-to-use online tool that incorporates AI technology providing live revision ideas. I strongly recommend Optimized Resume.

  • I want to share my success story with you. I was a resume freak and created some MS Word-based templates for myself. None worked too well until I built my resume using Optimized Resume in April 2019. One week after using the resume I got interview calls from Google. It was an amazing help to take my resume to next level. Thanks for the great work.

  • With sleek designs and an easy-to-use online tool, Optimized Resume allowed me to quickly build and edit a professional resume with a personal touch, which ultimately helped me to get my dream job. I am now relocating to Barcelona to work for a top-tier company. I strongly recommend Optimized Resume’s Resume and Cover Letter editor to all job seekers out there.

  • I got my resume built from you and I am so excited to let you guys know that I have landed my targeted job.

  • I was satisfied with my resume, but it has been 15 years since I had looked for a job, so I thought it best to do the free resume critique. I was surprised by the quick turnaround time and really thought about the points made regarding my resume. This is an investment in yourself, so I decided to do the resume and the LinkedIn profile. My mind was blown when I read the first draft of my resume. I was matched with an excellent writer, she really captured my experience, my strengths, my core competencies, and even things I did not even consider as strengths! The whole process was so positive that I even referred my colleagues.

  • Kathryn Richardson
    January 18, 2022 11:02 am


    I am unable to find you on any social network but i wanted to say you guys are doing great work. U am fully satisfied with my resume.

    Keep up the good work.


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