Best job winning Resume for Truck Drivers


The fight can be real.

You fill out an application, but you don’t hear anything back.


The issue?


It’s likely the resume of a truck driver.


Do not panic. A good resume can help speed up you to a new job.


This guide:

  • A truck driver’s resume sample is superior to the majority.
  • How do you create a powerful resume for a truck driver? to use on resumes.
  • How to create an Effective Resume for truck driving positions that will wake employers up.
  • Why is it not enough to provide a list of truck drivers’ skills (and how to improve them)

1. Select the Right Truck Driver Resume Format


Resumes of truck drivers must appear professional.

Employers are concerned about the design of a resume.

Here are the most important tips:


Truck Driver Resume Format

  • Make sure to stick to one-page resumes.
  • Make sure to use 1-inch margins.
  • Make sure you leave some empty space between sentences.
  • List jobs in reverse-chronological format.
  • Make use of an appropriate typeface for resumes such as 10–12pt Verdana and Cambria.
  • Include these sections on your resume Include these sections to your resume: Heading, Objective Employment History, Job History, Education and skills.
  • Your resumes can be saved as PDF. PDFs maintain their layouts neat


2. Add a Truck Driver Resume Objective or Summary


Don’t pretend that they can’t look over your resume.


It’s not necessary to play.

The majority of resumes are only seen with an initial glance.

In order to be hired, You must make yourself stand out.

You can catch their attention by presenting an excerpt of your professional resume.

It is also known as the task objective, job summary as well as a summary of credentials.

It’s a quick list of things to pack for your job.




  1. A verb (licensed or trustworthy)
  2. The term “truck driver” ( with OTR box truck, bus, etc.)
  3. Experience of many years (2+ years of experience, 4-plus)
  4. Who and how you’ll assist (deliver in the time to Yellow)
  5. Top 3 truck driver moments (drove an average of 4,300 miles per week). …)


Write it at the end so that it is easy.


These examples of driver resumes show the exact route taken:

Good Example

licensed OTR Transporter Driver who has more than 5 many years of experience. Looking to be able to be on time to deliver for Yellow. Have a CDL license and a clean driving record. For Berube International, drove an average of 4,300 miles per week and met the delivery schedule 95% of the time. All drug tests passed. Reputation for safe driving and efficacy.


Bad Example

A seasoned truck driver who is proficient in flatbed Tarping, OTR driving, and maintenance of vehicles. Considered a reliable driver who completes tasks and is attentive to safety. You can count on him to arrive on time every time and is easy to work with.


What is the difference?

This first sample blows doors off. So many deep details.


A resume of a truck driver who has no experience will require evidence of their skills.

Entry-Level Truck Driver Resume Objective

Good Example 
Certified truck driver with expertise in flatbed tarping as well as vehicle maintenance. Wanting to be able to deliver punctually for Berube International. As a dump truck driver for Castle Rock Stone, drove the quarry truck five days per week, in 10-hour shifts. 100 of deliveries on time.


Bad Example 
A new truck driver in the entry-level position, looking to be a full-time OTR truck driver jobs. Haven’t held a full-time job, however, I was the dump truck driver for Castle Rock Stone. A reliable, hard-working worker who can be relied upon to get the job done in time.


The second entry-level truck driver’s resume example makes promises that aren’t kept.


3. Supercharge Your Truck Driver Job Description and Skills Section

The majority of CDL resumes are a mess of job descriptions.

They tell you, “I did a lot of truck driver things.”

However, without evidence and proof employers will ignore them.


To write a fantastic work description for a truck driver:


  1. Check out the job advertisement to find out the most effective resume skills.
  2. Include these keywords for your resume in your cover letter.
  3. You can show the results you’ve got by putting numbers.


Make it as similar to the very first CDL resumes for truck drivers:


If the job advertisement says that it requires the following skills for truck drivers: OTR driving, clean driving record, drug-free, and efficiency.


Truck Driver Job Description for Resume [Sample]


Good Example 

CDL-A OTR Truck Driver

Berube International


  • It drove OTR 4300 miles per week achieving 95% of the delivery schedules.
  • Maintain a clean driving record throughout the day.
  • Sat 100% of the testing requirements for drugs.
  • Two times recognized by the management team for safety and efficiency.


Bad Example 
  • Drove truck for long hauls, ensuring deadlines for delivery.
  • Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction with undamaged goods.
  • It is recognized as a safe driver.
  • Achieved a precise log for every driving day.


Here’s the concept:

The first example resumes for truck drivers illustrates the skills they are looking for and numbers:


  1. OTR driver (4,300 miles per week) 95% of it on time)
  2. Clean driving record (100%)
  3. Drug-free (100 100 %)
  4. Efficiency (recognized 2x)


The second one isn’t too bad! But it’s not a way to bind the user on the job.


Below is the entry-level resume sample:


The job ad requires the following truck driver abilities Professional driving, reliability timely delivery.


Entry-Level Truck Driver Resume Job Description [Sample]

Good Example 
Dump Truck Driver

Castle Rock Stone


  • The dump truck for Drove Quarry is available five-seven days a week.
  • Perform demanding work for 10-hour shifts.
  • Reliable–worked all year long without one sick day.
  • The delivered crushed rock was delivered to customers in time.


Bad Example 
Dump Truck Driver

Castle Rock Stone


  • Truck for quarrying five 7 days per week.
  • Worked hard during 10-hour shifts.
  • Completed the year without any sick day.
  • Delivered crushed rock to the customers within the timeframe.

The right qualifications and results = being hired.


4. Turn Boring Education into a Reason to Hire You

Truck drivers don’t need PhDs.

However, all resumes should have a section for education..


Here’s how:

Use it to get the attention of the boss.

The CDL resume for a truck driver has it:


Truck Driver Resume Example–Education

Good Example

Coastal Truck Driving School

Accredited and Graduated in 2014.

Grant Senior High


  • Varsity soccer team.
  • Excellent in technical courses for vocational students.

A few interesting facts could help them remember your name.


5. Add More to Your Truck Driver Resume


You will require a certification. But–

Did you know that other sections could get you noticed?

Include 1-2 each of the following sections:

  • Membership in associations ( NTA)
  • Training and certifications ( CDL-AFAST Card)
  • Clubs and groups
  • Volunteer work
  • Additional interests or hobbies
  • Fitness


These examples of resumes for truck drivers illustrate the following:


Truck Driver Resume–Extra Sections

Good Example

  • CDL Class A
  • FAST Card


Additional Activities

  • Maintain a gym workout routine two times per week.
  • Maintain your cardiovascular health by taking 2 mile walks five times per week.


Volunteer Work

Dogs can be walked on a daily basis during the week at the Prudhomme County Shelter.


Bad Example 
Additional Activities


  • Walking
  • Guitar playing

Don’t get me wrong!

It’s not a problem to play the guitar.

However, the first of these resumes for truck drivers show reliability and fitness.


Key Points

Resumes for truck drivers functions as follows:

  • Utilize the template for resumes of truck drivers to the top. It highlights your top road occasions.
  • Select the appropriate keywords for your resume from the truck driver’s job description online.
  • Resume sections should be written that highlight the skills that the job requires. Display the results you’ve achieved from previous positions.
  • Add your CDL certificate. Add “extra” sections such as activities or volunteer service to prove you’re not an amateur.
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