Full ATS optimized resume

Full ATS optimized resume

Custom resume which will demonstrate your value, distinguish you from the horde of other applicants, and speak directly to the needs of hiring managers in your space.


Job-specific and general Resume / CV with professional design

Job- and industry-specific keywords

Keyword optimization to ensure your resume / CV is compliant with an ATS

Accomplishment-driven descriptions

ATS compliance

Complementary reference list

Unlimited edits

You will get two copies of your resume, both a Word document and a PDF file to ensure ATS compatibility and avoid common formatting issues across various software

44 reviews for Full ATS optimized resume

  1. Claudia G

    It took a little longer than I had expected and hoped for. My request was assigned to a writer and then had to be transferred to a new writer. I assume the first writer was overbooked, or no longer employed. Either way, the services were definitely worth waiting for! My writer was kind, genuine, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this service if you are having trouble getting your resume reviewed.

  2. Lee M

    After completing the survey, where I gave an overall idea of my past experiences and highlighted what I wanted to emphasize, I was partnered with my writer. It was quite a pleasure working together, as I did learn a lot, along with having a tailored resume, which came with it a different look and perspective. My writer was kind, quick to respond, and worked late into night, despite having other things going on, which is expected with the price paid, but it is still nice to see, thank you.

  3. David G

    It was awesome working with a knowledgeable resume writer! My ideas, and opinions were taken into consideration. I really appreciated that.

  4. Hans C

    I felt taken cared off. Excellent personal service from knowledgeable professionals. I would use them again in the future if nessessary.

  5. Jermie W

    My writer Vicque was awesome to work with. She developed a resume and cover sheet that was able to acquire me an interview within two days of submitting. I truly believe it was the overall format and wording that she utilized to describe my experience and eduction towards the industry I was pursuing. The telephone consultation was beneficial towards the finalization the final resume. Again, great work and money was well spent!

  6. Broderick E

    My resume reader was very kind and showed me exactly what I need to work on, along with tips for word changes and design features.

  7. Mike R

    Very prompt turn around. Good wording and structure. Flow makes sense, I look forward to putting this out in the market and seeing how it performs.

  8. Jeffrey A

    My one challenge was working with someone overseas which made timing of communication and availability for our phone consultation less than ideal.

  9. Amy B

    My interview prep coach, Heather, is phenomenal! She helped to give me a confidence boost, plus invaluable insight. My resume and cover letter writer, Tina, was super patient and helpful. I am switching sectors and they both helped tremendously! My only negative comment is that I think the job posting service is not worth it.

  10. Jake S

    Working with Julie was fantastic and she completely re shaped my resume, cover letter and linked in profile. I cant thank her enough and I definitely know where to come when I need another revision. Best purchase i’ve made in a while!

  11. Sandra Y

    The resume writer assigned to me was very hands on throughout the resume rewriting process. He offered structural and content suggestions and submitted rough drafts for review via email. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the final results!

    It’s been approximately 12+ years since I updated my resume. Due to a recent hand surgery I wasn’t able to revamp my resume myself so I relied upon the expert writers at Top Resume.

    I highly recommend this agency to all of you in need of either a totally new resume or a facelift of your current resume!

    Their expert, experienced writers offer the highest level of professionalism, attention to detail, direct communication, and quick completion time providing an excellent work product!

  12. Gerard S

    I’m currently an active job seeker who was looking for some critiquing, so I searched online to see if there was any sites that would be able to give is a boost. Luckily, I happened to come across this particular site. After a free consultation, they suggested my resume should be strengthened and they were willing to do so at a reasonable cost. It was definitely worth it.

  13. Greg J

    I started this process with a resume that couldn’t even get past the automated scanners. After some back and forth collaboration with your team I now have a resume that accurately reflects my experience/skills/talents. Hopefully, it is enough to get my foot in the door now on job applications. Thank you.

  14. Dean B

    Excellent. It was a great experience from developing my resume and cover letter, to working with me on my interviewing preparing.

  15. Lucio R

    My writer was truly outstanding! He managed to frame my skills and experience in just the right way! Would totally recommend!

  16. Mark G

    I started this process with a resume that couldn’t even get past the automated scanners. After some back and forth collaboration with your team I now have a resume that accurately reflects my experience/skills/talents. Hopefully, it is enough to get my foot in the door now on job applications. Thank you

  17. Margaret R

    I recently retired from the Federal Government as a civilian on March 1,2022 with 39 years/9 months and am now looking to work for the private sector. I was struggling with my resume, because it was in a Government format which was to long and extremely wordy. I am extremely please with the help I received with my resume and accompany cover letter. The product, as well as the turn around time was unbelievable.

  18. Diane B

    I started off doing my resume when I finished college for several reasons. Just finishing college was one and I felt I could. It work at that time, but as a professional it was not really professional. I like passing that responsibility over to a reliable company that could help and did. The hardest part was just saying yes and answering a few questions. I now have a fresh new resume and it looks and sounds professional.

  19. Nataša P

    I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan. He was very professional and kind. He made my resume extraordinary. Cannot thank him enough!

  20. Jose S

    Super, fast response, clear, well explained. Outstanding I would say. Just making up my mind to work with Optimized Resume to built a new CV ATS compliance!

  21. Francesco M

    Had a well informed writer help me out. She was a former recruiter and knew how to craft it for maximum results.

  22. Lydia P

    My original resume was pretty good, but optimize resume took it to the next level. Their version sounded much more professional and business-like. The price was great, relative to others. If your on the job hunt, hiring optimize resume is a good investment, especially if you’re not confident about your resume.

  23. Lara S

    M. Did such an amazing job on reworking my resume and cover letter, that I added a thank you letter as well. Within 2 exchanges of emails, they were done. M. also revamped my LinkedIn profile, which I will proudly start sharing now. I was treated with the utmost courtesy. All of my questions were answered. I appreciated M. Sharing her professional opinion when I wavered on an aspect. I never would have been able to do create such well-written work and am glad I had the foresight to try optimized resume. I highly recommend the service.

  24. Chris E

    I was at a point that I was not getting many call backs on my job search. So I decided to have my resume rewritten using Optimized Resume”, it took about 2 days and when I received the draft i looked very good. I immediately started sending it out. Within 2 days I had 4 interviews set-up. A real game changer. Thanks so much.

  25. Harold G

    Overall this was an excellent experience. The initial sign up was easy. The one glitch with receiving the survey was solved very quickly and professionally by technical support. The interaction with the resume writer was efficient and productive. He seemed to know exactly what to do and how to make my resume sing. Would highly recommend to anyone who asks.

  26. Lancelot C

    My resume review was an excellent experience with Tina. Tina was punctual, courteous, and she answered all my questions very well. She completed all my requested edits promptly and provided valuable information on the resume process. Tina has done an excellent job transforming my resume into a document that reflects my skills and experience. Thank you.

  27. Claudia G

    I have head hunters contacting me every day. More than I ever did by writing my own resume. Great job all around.

  28. Grace T

    I like the way my CV has turned out – from 5-pages CV to 2-pages (content is direct and well presented). As much as I want to put all my job accomplishments, the explanation given by Chelsea B. Makes sense.
    I have not had a chance to apply after i receive my revised CV (no time to job hunt at this point) – but I am satisfied on how it turn out.
    I should have done it earlier.

  29. Whitney V

    optimize resume worked delivered an impressive resume and cover letter in a short amount of time. I am very satisfied with the results.

  30. Ahmen B

    you are writing resume good
    i am hired in job thank you

  31. Joan K

    Excellent resume service. Got my new resume within 3 days even though I was told it would 7 days. Would definitely recommend Optimized resume to anyone looking to build a top of the line resume.

  32. Lee P

    Best resume, working for mw

  33. James L

    The team at Optimized Resume exceeded my expectations! They were swift to respond, took all my notes and revisions, and made sure I felt confident with the final deliverables before anything was finalized. It really was a frictionless transaction and I’ll definitely use them again for future services.

  34. Hammad K

    I am satisfied with my resume

  35. Loncast G

    Adam was great. My resume and cover letter look extremely professional and I am ready to start applying for jobs with a much higher confidence.

  36. Luna K

    The person doing my resume was very professional and did a wonderful job. I actually got called for two interviews this week.

  37. Joe K

    Sent in my old ratty a$$ resume for a do over. It came back looking like a shiny diamond. I just hope I can live up to the new and improved hype I posses. Now let’s see if the calls come pouring in.

  38. Dominique D

    My writer came up quickly with a much better resume than what I had. She answered my questions well and promptly. Considering the work done, the rates charged were very reasonable. Based on my experience I strongly recommend optimized resume to anyone

  39. Linda S

    I ordered two resumes. One for my husband who works in the auto industry and I am a teacher.

    I was told “Writing experts” in each of our fields would contact us once we completed the job questionnaire.

    The entire process was confusing. I had to call to clarify and see what was going on after receiving a resume for my mechanic husband as a teacher.

    After complaining, both were completed correctly within 24 hours.

  40. Hazel D

    I was very dubious about this experience going in, but after I saw how easy this was and how professional my documents looked, I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with optimized resume! Working with Diane was very easy. She was responsive and listened to my feedback and gave me a lot of good things to think about. I would absolutely recommend this service to everyone

  41. M I

    Sar Did an amazing job updating my resume. I now feel more confident that my resume accurately projects me qualifications.

    Thank you so much!

  42. Gonzalo A

    The final version of my resume was very good, now I am getting more calls and emails after they fixed it.


    I entered with trepidation having used an in-person service years ago and paid way too much for way too little. I opted for just the Resume (no online consultation). The online response is concise and you receive benchmarks every step of the way through the process. So besides being timely as promised I then received a resume that blew me away. Besides the cutting edge formatting the verbiage and descriptions were like looking at a much better candidate that what I thought was a good job on my own. I found this service to be a great value and I just signed my offer letter for my new position (paying much better) today!

  44. DAVID S

    Optimized Resume arrived to democratize the starting line for good candidates during their application to companies that use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Before Optimized Resume, if you didn’t have the opportunity to interact side by side with the need of the company you are applying to, you could hardly get past the first recruiting filter. Today you are in charge of proving your skills, Optimized Resume is in charge of showing it. With

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